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Tiago Michelin - Drums/Percussion

Tiago has had a vastly unorthodox musical experience, exposed to Jazz, South American music, language and culture at a young age. His parents met at the Berklee College of Music, and as a child he was a fixture at their rehearsals and shows, Jazz and South American music constantly on rotation at home. One night, his father came across a vintage drum set in the basement of his weekly gig and salvaged it for thirty dollars. This drum set became his first and was a substitute for the pots and pans he had been experimenting on at home. 
Tiago began private instruction for the drum set at eight, previously instructed in piano from his parents. His teacher, an old Argentinean musician, instructed him to play a Brazilian rhythm, the ‘maracatu’ in 7/8, stating, “there are other ways to play the drums.” Through capoeira lessons, he learned the pandeiro, berimbau and atabaque.. At fifteen, he knew that music would be his career, and delved head first into a journey to master all aspects of drumming and percussion, including Bebop, modern jazz, death metal, math rock, Brazilian, Argentinean, and as many other styles of music he came across.
Trained in the tamborim, repinique, cajon, congas, bata and numerous other percussion instruments, he has been playing professionally since he was sixteen. He has recorded tracks on an album featuring Esperanza Spalding and Richie Barshay, and on a full-length album with the Nando Michelin group. Touring the world, he has played music in numerous countries and venues. Tiago has performed on stage with a vast number of well-known musicians: Jerry Bergonzi, Esperanza Spalding, Nando Michelin, Jorge Roeder, John Lockwood, Fernando Huergo, Joel LaRue Smith, David Zoffer, Joel Yennior, Felipe Salles, Ricardo Vogt, Leala Cyr, and Tal Gamlieli amongst others.

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